Wednesday, 28. June 2006

NEWS (Cineversity update)

Another quick news about they have updated the service with, as they call it:
Dr. Sassi's Tooltime Tips: Dr. Sassi goes chapter by chapter through the CINEMA 4D Reference Manual. Each daily short tip provides simple clarification
And they are pretty nice. Alot of stuff i didn't knew since then. And alot of help for all of the starters out there !

Background Motion Graphics (Free Download)

click me to watch the movie
Hello everybody,
i've been quite bussy yesterday so i wasn't able to make any update. Anyway i hope this scenefile will compansate the wait :)
This is a free background animation for whatever you want to use it. But there is one restriction, ONLY FOR NON COMMERCIAL USE !!!

Download Content:
- Final Animation Movie (ca. 1,1MB)
- Scenefile (ca. 515KB)

PS: The blur was done in AfterFX ! blog!

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