Saturday, 21. October 2006

MOCCA 3 (Simple Leg Setup)

Simple MOCCA 3 Tutorial ! Reverse Foot IK
Wow what an exciting week.
I have been to Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne this week showing of the new R10 features on our Roadshow.
Anyways, as promised last week i'll show you how easy it is to
setup an simple Leg using MOCCA 3.
I hope you enjoy this little tutorial and find it usefull. Any suggestions on Tutorials are warmly welcome so feel free to email me at: neosushi[at]gmx.net.

Content :
- Simple Leg Setup Movie

Saturday, 14. October 2006

MOCCA3 simple IK intro

Copyright by WIPIX
Hello Everybody,
i have decided to make an absolutely quick'n'dirty MOCCA3 movie before i leave for the next two weeks :)
So this little MOCCA3 intro movie will show you how easy it is to setup up fully working IK chain.
I hope you'll enjoy this short movie.

All the best

simple MOCCA3 intro

Wednesday, 19. July 2006

Spline Mask Tutorial (MoGraph)

Hello everybody,
as promised before here is another MoGraph tutorial. This time i'll cover the Spline Mask Object, which actually was a request by an user. Thnx for the tip :)
So if anybody wants a specific tutorial do not hestitate to contact me.

Have fun

Download Content:
- Spline Mask Tutorial (ca. 11MB)

Monday, 26. June 2006


Click me to watch the Tutorial

Hello everybody,
just another short tutorial. I thaught i'll show you guys how you can customize your "Global PopUp" Menu. That's the small menu in CINEMA4D R9 which comes up when you press the letter "V" on your keyboard.

So here it goes maybe you find it usefull.

Download content:
- Global PopUp Tutorial (ca. 2MB)

Saturday, 24. June 2006

Liquid Scene Tutorial (MoGraph)


Hello everybody,
as promised before i have just added the tutorial to the Liquid scene which you already can download from this blog.

Download content:
- Liquid Tutorial (ca. 7MB)

Wednesday, 21. June 2006

Tutorial Sneak Peak


The Blog is getting filled :). This is a sneak peak of the upcoming tutorial i have in mind. This movie shows you what you are going to learn next :) It makes use of the Cloner Object, Random Effector, Spline Effector and Meta Balls.

SneakPeak content:
- Liquid Sneak Peak movie (ca. 1MB)
- Final Scene File


Finally done. First Cinema4D Tutorial


Here we go. The very first tutorial using CINEMA4D's MoGraph modul is ready to view. This tutorials covers the following things:
- basic Thinking Particles setup
- Tracer Object
- new sweep nurbs object

It's a pretty simple setup but still mighty & powerfull enough for all of you how want to create nice specialfx or 3D lightsweeps.

To watch the tutorial simply click the image above. There is also this little movie available which you can download here. The final CINEMA4D file can be downloaded here .

I'm always open to suggestions, tutorial wishes or critics. Tell me if you liked it or not.



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