Tuesday, 16. October 2007


Hello Everybody,
i know it took me ages to change my Blog but know it's finally done ! I proudly announce my new Blog on my own server using the Wordpress functionality.All of the content of this, plus (in near future) more Tutorial more Tips and downloads on the new Blog.

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See you there. I am happy about any comments and of course i am always open to tutorial or tips requests from the community !

Friday, 8. December 2006

CG Sphere

Hi everbody,
just found a great new website called CGSphere.
It's a great playground for everybody who would like to produce a SPHERE :) Yes you have heard right a sphere is the main object there. And i must say, it's fun fun fun. So check it out and participate with a sphere of your choice :)


Tuesday, 31. October 2006

Mega MoGraph Review

Oh my Gosh, check out the new Monster Mega MoGraph Review over at It's defenetly the most detailed review i have ever seen. Great work C4DCafe !!!

- MoGraph Review


Saturday, 14. October 2006

Cinema 4D R10 is in da House !

Interface Screenshot
Hello Guys & Gals,
welcome back on my Blog. As you all my already noticed, i havn't updated this Blog since ages (in a digital world :)) Anyways. Today i'll tell you all a little bit about R10 of MAXON's flagship animation package.

There are several major improvements, my favoruite improvement is the new interface. It's beautifull and for most users, i spoke to, great when you have to work along time within C4D. The icons are simpler and more usable in my opinion. Another nice thing about the interface is the collapsable managers. When using the middle mouse button you are able to collapse the managers in no time. Pretty slick if you ask me.

Of course the interface is only a small part in the stack of improvements. UV Editing & Painting is also included in R10. This means, if you have a R10 you are able to work on your UV Maps in no time without having to purchase BodyPaint.

As you already found out on this Blog i'm pretty much into Motion Graphics. So the new Timeline really rocks. You have now greater Controll over your animations. The F-Curve editor also got an face lift. A small tiny feature which will make any animator happy is the Snapshot tool. It enables you to create a snapshot of your actual F-Curve, edit it and swap forward and backward from old to new F-Curve. Great when it comes to refining the animation.

MOCCA 3, how many of you Cinema4D users ever wanted to make Character animation ang got stuck on setting up the right IK, Weight or Morph ?? Well i was one of the guys who really been frustrated with MOCCA. So whenever i designed a charadter i already knew i wasn't able to animate it, because the efford of setting up a usabel Rig was far beyond my technical knowlage. But believe me MOCCA 3 can make you a Character animator in no time. As said before i never been able to built my own Rigs, but now, using MOCCA 3, even i can built Rigs :)

The new Joint based system of MOCCA3 really kicks ass. My first character walkcycle was done in less the 1h, including rigging, weighting and animation. So that's prertty fast, isn't it ?

The Character animation tools has got alot to get you up and running, for example the new Morph system. You now only have to add a Tag to your Geometry of choice and then change the shape within the Morph Tags, morph targets. No more copy paste of geometry anymore. Also the new Rotational Morph will make Character Riggers pretty happy. Imagine you want to morph the eyelids. Usually you had to workaround alot to keep the eyelids not intersecting with the eyeball. This is tha past now. You can easily setup two morph targets and then define a rotational axis on which the morph system will depend when it comes to animation. And tada, no more intersections.

Ever dreamed of giving you weak small character some power ? Well you can do it now, by using the new Muscle Deformer. This is absolutely great believe me. Adding muscles which will deform you mesh depending on the arms, legs od any body parts bulge. This also is a few minutes setup !

Well i think this post is getting quit long now so i better stop and let you surf to MAXON's Website which also got a face lift (great work by the Webdesigner, Hi stef :)).

In near future i'll release a series called "Rigging for Dummies". As i never dealed with Character animation or Rigging i think this will help alot of people getting started to do so. But be aware i'm not a TD (Technical Director) or a supa Char. Animator. This series will help you getting started and to get used to the tools like i did several weeks ago. So i hope you'll learn as good as i did with the new Video Tutorials.

Thnx for stopping by my Blog. One thing left to say. I'm on Tour for the next 2 Weeks, presenting Cinema4D all around Germany, Austria and Switzerland. So if any of you Germany users want to stop by and see R10 in action, please register yourselfs on Maxon Germany


Tuesday, 18. July 2006

Back from our Hollidays

Hello everybody,
my fiancée and me just came back from a great Turkey (Side) vacation :) Even i got brown :) 7 days chilling, eating, swimming.
This is the place we have stayed :) Majesty Palm Beach Resort
Now we are back and also this blog is going to be filled. With some great news. My girlfriend will help me out on the tutorials. She'll loan me her voice (which i think sound much better then mine :)).

So neosushi blog is back :)

Sunday, 2. July 2006

My Birthday :) & ....

....I'm off to Holidays :) This actually means i won't be able to Update this blog within the next week or two. Today i'll celebrate my 29 birthday with my girlfriend and friends.

Hope to see ya'll soon !! Please stay tuned.


Wednesday, 28. June 2006

NEWS (Cineversity update)

Another quick news about they have updated the service with, as they call it:
Dr. Sassi's Tooltime Tips: Dr. Sassi goes chapter by chapter through the CINEMA 4D Reference Manual. Each daily short tip provides simple clarification
And they are pretty nice. Alot of stuff i didn't knew since then. And alot of help for all of the starters out there !

Sunday, 25. June 2006


Hello everybody. This morning after i got up i just thaught maybe you want to ask questions or have tutorial suggestions. I know sometimes the best Tip can't solve the problem on a specific task. So let us be smart and use the interactive way :)

Ok, now it's also up to you ! Send me an Email with you question or request on tutorials and i'll try to answer them here on Blog so everybody can see it. Please make shure, if it's something you can not solve in CINEMA4D, to add your version number.

My email:

Saturday, 24. June 2006

Cineversity is online (NEWS)


Hi everybody. MAXON Inc. has just released their online tutorial website. Cineversity is a great resource for tutorials of all aspects that CINEMA4D can offer. From special MoGraph tutorials to basic tutorials for the new user, everything is available.

If you want to check it out please follow this link:

Monday, 19. June 2006

CINEMA4D's new MoGraph Modul

MoGraph screenshot

Maybe some of you had to deal with motion graphics. And i know those who did, sometimes worked really hard on some specialfx. These times are over now. MAXON came up with a great solution calle MoGraph. Within MoGraph you are able to do specialfx in mo time. The combinations are also endless (i mean endless).

So to give you an idea of the capabilities of MoGraph, please watch the following MoGraph Reel, which will give you a small idea of what this new modul is able to do.

When i first started using MoGraph i realized that this is something totally different then all the other solutions (well there is/was only one other solution). Whenever i'm on a tradeshow people ask me what MoGraph does. Well this is a bit tricky question :) MoGraph is able to do allot. But where do you start with explanation ??? Ok let me start with the absolute basic objects and tools.

Check out the official MAXON MoGraph highlights tour here.

Very talented motion designers work with MoGraph to save alot of time when it comes to very short deadlines.

If you want to see more motion graphics in action, please have a look at

Ohh, before i forgett :) I'll add some Tips&Tricks about MoGraph asap. The above screenshot shows a complex scene setup with almost every effector available in MoGraph.

David blog!

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