Saturday, 21. October 2006

MOCCA 3 (Simple Leg Setup)

Simple MOCCA 3 Tutorial ! Reverse Foot IK
Wow what an exciting week.
I have been to Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne this week showing of the new R10 features on our Roadshow.
Anyways, as promised last week i'll show you how easy it is to
setup an simple Leg using MOCCA 3.
I hope you enjoy this little tutorial and find it usefull. Any suggestions on Tutorials are warmly welcome so feel free to email me at: neosushi[at]

Content :
- Simple Leg Setup Movie
Automat06 - 30. Oct, 20:25

Hey neosushi,

Thank you very much for this very usefull tutorial. It would be nice to see more of this soon.

Tim Pfeiffer - 3. Jan, 02:34


I just found your site and excellent tuturials. I'm just starting with Mocca 3 and have always wanted to venture into Character animation. I've been animating for a living for about 8 years but have never been able to grasp the character rigging. This is a huge help. Thank you. I look forward to seeing more. Very nice job.
Tim blog!

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